From Zygmunt Krauze's summer salon - anew piano classics from July

From July to September, every other Friday, the premiere episodes of the composer's improvisation cycle on classical themes will be published on Zygmunt Krauze's YouTube and Facebook channels as well as on the Polish Music Publishing House. Marcin Masecki will give a guest appearance.

Zygmunt Krauze is a pioneer of musical uniism. Inspired by Strzemiński's paintings, he was ahead of many discoveries of American minimalism. He moved away from Unism towards spatial compositions, music that draws on other music, especially folklore, and theatrical and opera works. In his work he eagerly reaches out to the classics, who are the inspiration for the composer's creative experiments.

- I have chosen works that I simply like, that bring me joy and strength. Because music, good music does that. Bach's Prelude, Haydn's and Beethoven's Sonatas, Polish music - Chopin and Paderewski. Playing these pieces over the years, knowing every note, I started to change them, modify them, try to broaden their shape and emotional expression in my own way. This is how I started improvising. To these classical pieces I added my Stone Music, performed directly on the piano strings with stones and metal rods. Because the piano has its secrets and Stone Music reveals one of them. I am glad that my invitation to one of the episodes of the series was accepted by Marcin Masecki, a pianist and composer whose original style I highly appreciate. He promised to come to Warsaw with his own piano! I am looking forward to improvising together - says Zygmunt Krauze.

- On a daily basis, together with the artists we represent, we are busy with concerts, premieres of new compositions and planning further activities. During the coronavirus epidemic the music world stopped. We thought it was a great time to arrange and record the situations that are best observed without pressure, in a slowdown. Zygmunt Krauze invited us to his music salon in his home in Warsaw's Bielany - announced Stanisław Suchora, founder of the SONORA music agency representing the composer. - We could see how the composer, who revolutionised the Polish classical scene, lives and works. Zygmunt Krauze recently celebrated his 80th birthday. It is an excellent time to invite you, for the first time in such a rich yet intimate form, to immerse yourself in the creative process of the composer and pianist.

Starting from 3 July, every second Friday at 8 p.m., on the composer's YouTube and Facebook channels such as the Polish Music Publishing House, will be published further episodes of the cycle. Each episode will consist of an improvisation on a selected composition and a commentary by Zygmunt Krauze. Between the episodes, Professor Krauze will respond to comments and questions from Internet users. The choice of the theme of the final episode will be given to the audience.

The series is produced by SONORA music agency, in cooperation with the Polish Music Publishing House, publisher of Zygmunt Krauze's works. TVP Kultura is the media patron of the project. The project was co-financed by the National Centre for Culture as part of the Culture in the Web programme.

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Episode 5/7: Paderewski

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