date: since 2021 place: World In progress

Let us imagine Cyprian Kamil Norwid returning to a Parisian street today. It is difficult to say whether it is himself or perhaps the memory of him wanders among the passers-by. A bicycle, scooter, car passes him by, he hears an approaching ambulance, he is stopped by a tram bell. He mixes with a group of young people discussing, among whom he catches a rapper playing with words, today's street poet.

Norwid looks and observes, hears and judges. He misses his country, but he treats his homeland severely, he looks sharply at all of us, at the whole of society. He feels bad always and everywhere, but when his thoughts are free, he feels bliss and fullness of life. It moves us with its beautiful and strong poetry, forces us to reflect with the wisdom of its observations.

The author of the script created a balanced selection of the poet's texts, composed of nine parts of varying length. Similarly, the entire composition is closed in nine parts preceded by an introduction and crowned with a coda. In the introduction, we are looking for Norwid, whom no one in Paris knows today and whose word appears just before the beginning of the first part, fragments of the poet's texts resound in the code as a kind of mantra, towards posterity.

In addition to the voices of the actors, the work uses the sounds of the accordion and double bass as well as a wide range of recordings from the streets of Paris and from the interior of one of the Parisian churches, perhaps sounding like a memory of the Saint Casimir Asylum, where Norwid spent the last moments of his life. Instrumental sounds and most of the recordings from the outside world have been processed and composed in such a way as to serve the word, which is Norwid's voice that speaks to us today.


A radio piece by Elżbieta Sikora
to the texts of Cyprian Kamil Norwid

selection of texts: Zbigniew Naliwajek

Andrzej Seweryn
Jerzy Radziwiłowicz
Maria Seweryn

instrumental and vocal parts:
Rafał Łuc - accordion
Tomasz Januchta - double bass
Jean Besançon - rapper


28.08.2021 - Electrobelges, Ohain (BE)
21.09.2021 - Warsaw Autumn Festival, Warsaw (PL)
26.09.2021 - (*) Program 3 of the Polish Radio (PL)
27.09.2021 - (*) Radio Campus (BE)
24.10.2021 - Festiwal Słuchowisk, Poznań (PL)
24.10.2021 - (*) France Musique (FR)
6.11.2021 - (*) Fréquence Protestante (FR)
19.11.2021 - (*) Radio Panik (BE)
9.02.2024 - Longueur d'ondes Festival, Brest (FR)
6.04.2024 - Fryderyk Chopin University of Music, Warsaw (PL)